Information Technology is a vital element in today’s schools.  Technology is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, and is essential in the effort to prepare students for success in the future. Using technology effectively whether in the classroom or for school or district management requires more than just buying devices.  An effective technology program includes consideration not only for hardware and software but infrastructure, professional development, vision, and a great deal of curriculum work.  When educational technology is used properly the focus of students and teachers is not the technology but the learning it facilitates.   In order for technology to be an effective educational tool it must be available and accessible when students need it.

We can help your school effectively implement technology. We provide educational institutions with consulting for the management, training, and evaluation of their information technology.

We understands what is needed to develop and use technology effectively in the classroom as well as for school management.  Having worked in the field of educational technology for over a quarter of a century Ed-Tech Solutions brings years of experience to any IT project.

Let Ed-Tech help your organization meet its Information Technology goals professionally, effectively, and at a reduced cost.

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