Indoor Signage Solution with CMS

Indoor Signage Solution with CMS

Indoor screens are perfect for engaging customers in your retail store, reception area or showroom. They can be used to highlight promotions, show products in use or position your brand. They help customers become emotionally involved with your brand and products, can convey useful information and encourage them to stay longer.
If you have multiple locations, or screens, the content can be tailored in each case. Content can also be tailored for each screens by time of day, weather and even the gender or age of the nearby customer.
Indoor displays are also an effective tool for internal communications or staff communications.
Organisations are using indoor displays for an internal staff channel and to highlight employee achievements.
Medical practices and health services providers are using indoor displays in their waiting rooms to show both informational and advertising content. Banks and Government service providers are using indoor digital signage displays to inform and entertain customers while they wait to be served.

Our CMS Offering

Easy Layout Creation:


Your design ideas witness Create Layouts, you may split the screen whichever way and drop in Widgets to show content like videos, images and text. Integrations by Powerful widgets makes content from third parties keep your display fresh and up to date.


Your design can be brought to life in the browser and be acknowledged how it will look on screen. Play it through from start to finish to get the complete picture.


Save your finished creation for reuse later, to share with others or to present a consistent corporate branding. Quickly build new layouts from templates for a smooth workflow.

Smart Scheduling:


Starting from On off, repeating and always-on events we have everything covered. Split your calendar into pre-defined Dayparting for ultimate ease of scheduling.


Add layouts to campaigns to ensure they are shown in a certain order and to make scheduling easier.


Give each schedule a priority so that you can be sure your messages are shown at right time.

Advanced Control:

Display Admin

Displays in your network can be seen in real time and their status can be monitored. Collect diagnostic information, request screen shot and send commands to be executed immediately.

Proof of Play

Collect proof of play information or from each display so that you know your content has been shown. See this data by layout or widget in our powerful reports.


Use display groups to organise your displays into logic sets, then schedule and report them. Nest display groups to show hierarchy.

Indoor Digital Signage Advantages :

  • 1. Reduced costs:
    Inspite of high initial set up cost of a LED Screen as compared to traditional print advertising, down the line the printing costs would be saved with the indoor LED Screens built-in

  • 2. Web Connectivity:
    Connectivity to the internet allows news update, live feed, currency updates, weather updates and much more that can be incorporated into the LED display.

  • 3. Attracts attention:
    It grabs attention in a subtle & refined way, however traditional advertising methods such as television, print and radio capture attention in a more direct manner.

  • 4. Content is easily updatable:
    In addition to cost savings, one of the great advantages behind digital signage design is that you can update content at the click of a finger (or rather a mouse button).

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