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We are authorized distributors of TOUGHBOOKS - Panasonic Rugged Computing Solutions. We help customers build rugged solutions for mission critical applications.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those who work in harsh environments day in and day out. TOUGHBOOK devices are designed specifically for those who use them, and they have the reliability needed to accomplish a safe and successful workday. 

Tackle your toughest work assignments with the right combination of incredibly reliable hardware, industry-leading software and services ranging from field engineering to deployment. Durable and dependable, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handhelds are indispensable tools designed to take on whatever the job throws your way. Put one in your toolkit.

Fully Ruggedized Notebook

Salient features:

  • 1. Absolute ultimate benchmark in durability & reliability
  • 2. A magnesium-thickened alloy casing for protecting sensitive components such as display, hard drives which can bear a survive a fall of 90 cms
  • 3. Dust proof & spill proof.
  • 4. Extreme temperature tolerance from -20 deg C to +60 deg C. Additionally, They are suited for marshy field work.

Semi Ruggedized Notebook

Salient features:

  • 1. It is perfect combination impact resistance and design elegance.
  • 2. The display, hard disk, and all other sensitive components are protected by a magnesium-thickened case with hard disk being mounted on shock-absorbing polymers to help it insulate against vibration and shock, enabling it withstand a fall from a height of 76 cm without damage.
  • 3. Dust proof & spill proof.
  • 4. A non-breakable plastic seal covers all vital interfaces and connections

Business Ruggedized Notebook

Salient features:

  • 1. The Business Rugged Toughbook models focus on protecting display, hard disk and keyboard that are most often damaged components in conventional notebooks.
  • 2. It can withstand falls from a height of up to 76 cm without damage, even in active operation with the hard disk remaining intact
  • 3. The keyboard, touchpad and other sensitive components are protected from splashes by a special drainage system. A full 200-ml glass spilt directly over the keyboard and touchpad simply flows out through the drainage channels keeping the electronics inside the notebook dry and intact.
  • 4. These models can also withstand pressure of up to 100 kg/f


Salient features:

  • 1. Toughpads are suitable for light field applications. They can be efficiently used markets such as construction, aviation, field sales and the public sector, where exposure to extreme environments is a constant challenge and the consequences of failure are significant
  • 2. These devices are MIL-STD-810G compliant for drops, as well as IP-rated for resistance to dust and water.
  • 3. Toughpad models are the rugged, reliable and enterprise-ready Android-powered™ media tablets in the market.

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