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0-50W, DC Power Supplies

These DC supplies are the right choice for manual and automated testing applications that require essential capabilities coupled with solid performance and built-in measurement functions. Depend on precise voltage and current programming - with low ripple and noise - from our family of low-power supplies.

25-50W, DC System Power Supplies, GPIB

These supplies combine convenient benchtop capabilities with flexible system features in a compact, multi-output package. For bench-only applications, two models are available without I/O interfaces.

30-80W, DC System Power Supplies, GPIB

A combination of benchtop capabilities and system features, including GPIB and RS-232 interfaces, enables versatile solutions for tests that require moderate speed and precision.

51-175W, DC Power Supply

From basic benchtop applications to high speed systems, these medium-power supplies simplify testing and enhance measurement accuracy

Low Cost Power Supplies

Keysight basic DC power supplies, namely the E3600 Series and U8000 Series, comprise a wide range of programmable and non-programmable power supplies that are ideal for R&D, manufacturing and education applications. On your benchtop or on the rack, each power supply outputs clean and stable dc power with low transients to help you work confidently and efficiently. Select from our wide range of single output, dual output and triple output basic dc power supplies, each in compact, affordable packages.

N6700 Modular Power System

The Keysight N6700 Modular Power System (MPS) mainframes offer solutions for automated test system environments as well as R&D. The Keysight N6700 Low-Profile mainframes simplify test-system assembly, programming, debugging and operation. Its flexibility, small size, and fast command processing time make it ideal for ATE and production test environments. The N6705 DC Power Analyzer mainframe provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current by integrating up to four advanced power supplies with DMM, Scope, Arb, and Data Logger features.

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