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Retail Kiosk

Retail Kiosks works perfectly to integrate with a vast sized advertising display.
Bigger signage LCD Display offers commerce advertisements and convenience for customer collecting information that will easily attract the eyeball of the end user.
This series of Kiosk are mostly applied to retail stores, cinemas, schools, library, Medical facilities, airlines, subway etc

Information Kiosks

IK PC Series Kiosks are free standing, slim, elegantly designed, Simple, Easy-going and attractive.
It’s the best choice for overall indoor kiosk applications.
It is one of our hottest sales, the sleek, streamlined design and durable construction makes this series of kiosks the ideal choice of most self- service kiosk application.

Self Check in

Self Check In Kiosk Series are free standing Lobby Kiosks.
It Kiosk can be used as Self Check In / Issuing Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag.
It's durable construction, Easy-going design and high level performance in quality has made it the best selling products for Airports for removing long queue.

Banking Kiosk

Our Intelligent banking Kiosk designs offer 24 hour service for the Banking and the Commercial Sectors.
These Kiosks offers various 24 x 7 user-friendly on-line services e.g. Self-Service Cheque Deposit, Passbook Printing, etc.
It captures digital image of the deposited cheques, endorses and stacks them serial wise.
It also gives a receipt to the depositor and transfers the captured data on line via Bank’s network for quick processing.
The Freestanding Banking Kiosks offers excellent aesthetics and can be customized according to the customer requirements so that representatives can focus on other activities that will improve business productivity.

ATVM Kiosk

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine is a vending machine that produces tickets
For instance, ticket machines dispense unreserved train tickets at railway stations, transit tickets at metro stations and tram tickets.
The typical transaction consists of a user using the display interface to select the type and quantity of tickets and then choosing a payment method of either cash, credit/debit card or smart card.
The ticket or tickets are printed and dispensed to the user. Main benefits of a ATVM: The self-service ticket vending machines are available 24/7 and include also different combination of payment methods

Self check in-check out

Check In / Check Out Kiosk (Duty Attendance Kiosk) is a real time kiosk in order to check the employee status whether he is able to join the duty or not specially for Drivers / Cab Drivers / Train Drivers / Pilots / Heavy Machine drivers etc. It also verifies the drunken condition with Photograph & Biometric finger print reader in real Time.

Library Kiosks

Self Service Library Kiosk AGMATEL provides Library Kiosks range in its Library Convergence & Management Kiosk hardware. The RFID / Barcode Book Issuing & Book Drop kiosk can be easily configured to meet the Library requirements and ambience. Library Kiosk is combination of two kiosks

Transaction Kiosk

IK TX Kiosk Series are free standing Transaction Kiosks. The Kiosk can be used for bill payment, e-payment, e-Ticketing, Order entry, Check-In and information checking of Airport, Banking, Transportation, Travel & Tourism, Finance & Insurance, Library, Canteens, Retail Outlets etc. It's durable construction, Smart design and reliable performance made this a very popular both in Government and corporate customers.

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